Why won’t I get on with my life?

Status Quo

Here I am, 40 days and an incredible 4 views after my first post. This is me in a nutshell. Some things, even though I enjoy them, I will procrastinate. Like writing blog posts. I guess thats my biggest flaw. I’m doing the same with my life, putting it on hold until I finish school, save up some money and move to the City of Angels. My current status quo involves a lot of gaming, reading, watching movies and TV series (currently Archer and Battlestar Galactica, both fantastic yet vastly incomparable). I have a sparse social life with diminishing contact with friends. And you know what? I rather enjoy it. Not because I have deluded myself into thinking that this is what I want in life and that I’m happy as can be. I enjoy it because I know to a certain degree what my future will be like. And believe me, it will be fantastic! “How do you know that?” you may ask. Because I will not settle for less! The alternative is not an option.

I despise the thought of “normal life”. Grow up and settle for a 9-5 job for the next 30-40 years, with puny two-three weeks of vacation. Settle for a wife, who is not at all like you imagined when you were younger. Get some kids and count the days to retirement. All this because it’s what one is “supposed to do,” It’s what everybody does. If this were to be my life, I suspect I would be one of the “He had it all. A good job, wife and children. But then he unexpectedly committed suicide. No one understands why,” guys somewhere down the line. This is sadly the reality for a major part of the human population (the first part, not the suicide part). Sure, they are probably happy, some of them; of course there are a lot of people for whom this is an optimal way of life (again, the first part, not the suicide part). But a substantial part of them have deluded themselves to think that this is as good as it gets. This is happiness. Great for them, I say. Ignorance is bliss. But if you really want to be happy, you can’t do what you’re “supposed to do”. You must find out what makes you happy and do that. Whatever it takes. Or you can take the safe route and live a life of mediocrity or worse. Your choice.


“Later” is a dangerous word. There are two ways people use it. One of them is as an excuse to never do it. You just say it to get out of the current situation. The other way to use it is to really mean it. You really will do it later and you know it. When it comes to life goals it is important to use the latter, but you have to really be sure. Otherwise your goal will end up as a dream you once had, instead of one of your achievements. Of course it is best to not use “later” at all. The sooner you start, the sooner you will succeed and the greater the chance for success will be.

“But why don’t you start now? Get on with your life, I mean,” you may ask. That’s a good question. First of all, I’m stuck in a wet, cold, depressing, windswept town. Especially so nowadays, throughout the long winter. Don’t get me wrong, it’s been a great place to grow up in. And I know some pretty awesome people here, but I’ve just grown tired of it all through the years. Nothing to do but, in the sporadic cases where I am social, sitting around talking with the same people, consuming entertainment, waiting for better times. It’s just so… mediocre. I really need a change of scenery. So here I am, stuck without the will to do anything until I finish school and save up enough money to move.

How about you, have you completed your goals? Will you complete your goals?


Drastic Changes. Or Not, Mayhaps?

You are, and always have been able to do anything*; but you won’t always be. Because you’ll be dead. Or you’ll have a semi-appalling wife and a boring job. But it’s not too late (for me, anyway). That’s what I am going to prove. Tomorrow I will move to Los Angeles for one year or so. Alone. I know no one there, but that will soon change, for I will become a pick up artist and simultaneously abolish the ass off of the status quo of mediocrity everyone seems to be so trapped in.

For those still unenlightened as to what pick up artistry may be, it is the art of picking up women. I suppose the same phrase can refer to the art of picking up men too, but I’m not overly interested in that specific art form, so I’m not quite sure. People like Adam Lyons and Richard Gambler are capable of picking up any woman with a statistical success rate somewhere around 80%. And by picking up, I mean the kind of interaction between male and female that is the basis for our, and pretty much every other, race’s survival. What I don’t mean is physically lifting them up off the ground, although the success rate for that would be approximately the same, I guess.

“They must have grown up in a model bureau or on a pirate ship brimming with comely women-pirates or something,” you say. Nope, I answer. A few years ago they were as good with women as the homeless guy under your local bridge. Now, they have slept with hot women numbering into triple digits. “What, how is that possible?” you ask flabbergastedly. They simply practiced. An extreme variant of practice called immersion. It’s kind of self explanatory, but I’ll help. You immerse yourself in the thing you want to be good at. You think about it, read about it, watch movies about it, not to mention do it for a substantial amount of time every day, every week, until you get good. And then you continue, if you want to. And that is what I intend to do. 


Do you remember the part where I said “Tomorrow” ? I lied. You should replace it with “in a couple of years.” Tomorrow sounds a little more sensational, though. I’m sorry, it will never happen again. Now that we have gotten this little commotion behind us, you can proceed with the reading.

What you just read in italic is going to be the first entry of my future blog, which, in case you didn’t know already, is about me moving to LA and learning pick up artistry, becoming a pick up artist and eventually doing proper pick up artistry. That may sound a little monotonous to read about, but I assure you that it will not be. What it will be, on the other hand, is immensely, laughter inducingly, earth-shatteringly awesome. Also it will help you on your way to be able to woo any kind of woman you want, which includes improving your conversational skills, people skills, body language, make you more awesome and generally boost your quality of life into the extremes!

“Then what is this blog for?” you may ask. I will tell you. This blog exist so that I’ll be learning to write better and attract a humongous pile of loyal readers, so that when I do start my proper future PUA blog, it will be so stupefyingly magnificent that I will amass alot of wealth and power and fame! Oh, and also so I can help people with laughter deficiency and/or female contact deprivation. But the latter comes later.

This blog is less about moving to LA to become a pick up artist and more about waiting to move to LA to become a pick up artist. This (the waiting part, and why I wait) is something I will write more about in the next entry of this astounding blog of mine. So, until next time: Take care, spread the wisdom you have witnessed here this glorious day, and remember to convey the URL from whence it came!

By the way, did I happen to mention something about pick up or some kind of artist? Sorry about that, I’ll try to keep it to a minimum, because this blog is about what comes before that part in my life. Also known as now. Or these days.

*Of course you’ll never be able to talk intelligibly with otters or fly using only your own limbs**, but that’s not what I meant.

**Unless genetic engineering gets really advanced, that is………….